BoQáy® Auto Disk - dollarscentclub

BoQáy® Auto Disk


Discreetly hide this Auto Disk under a seat or in a cup holder. Each disk delivers up to 30 days of pure fragrance, with adjustable strength and a ...

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Auto Visor Diffuser - dollarscentclub

Auto Visor Diffuser

Natural Air™

Up and out of the way, the Visor Diffuser easily slides onto your car's visor. Utilizes highly absorbent reusable pads, that are sure to fill yo...

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TP Pad Diffuser - dollarscentclub

TP Pad Diffuser

Oil Diffusers

The TP Pad Diffuser is the easiest way to maintain a fresh and odor free environment, in the smelliest room of the house. This revolutionary des...

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