Natural Air™ - Lavender



Ahhh. Everyone will love the fresh scent of lavender when they enter your home. Natural Air™ Lavender is an all-natural oil blend formulated specifically for the air.

Lavender Bulgarian is steam distilled from lavender flowers. Selected because it offers a full, rich and multidimensional aroma and is often used in perfumery, this is the most important ingredient. We also blend in some cassia extra, steam distilled from the Chinese Cinnamomum Cassia leaf to complement the lavender with a sweet, wood-spice fragrance note… it’s like a light touch of cinnamon. Then we add just a hint of orange sweet oil from Brazil that’s been cold pressed to give it a sweet fresh scent. It’s a beautiful blend that we’re sure you’ll enjoy… all natural.


The best smelling all-natural oils blended with unique combinations of natural ingredients. 


If pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor's care, consult with a physician before using. Do not use on skin or internally. Keep out of reach of children. 


Add 5-25 drops to powered or padded diffuser. 


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