Febreze® SMALL SPACES™ - Linen & Sky

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Febreze SMALLSPACES air freshener cleans away odors with OdorClear Technology and freshens up to 30 days. It's a one-of-a-kind way to keep your home's spaces smelling continuously fresh. When you adjust its base, Febreze gradually releases your desired amount of freshness. It's great putting next to hampers, in dorm rooms, under sinks, and near shoes in closets because it's virtually mess-free and requires no plugs or batteries. The sleek, compact design fits perfectly into any decor and works wonders from bathrooms to bedrooms all month long.


Bring the outdoors in with the fresh-off-the-clothesline scent of a Linen & Sky SMALL SPACES. A scent so airy, your guests will think you live in a cloud. A tiny, odor-eliminating cloud of freshness.

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