BoQáy® Variety Bundle

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The BoQáy variety bundle is the perfect way to freshen multiple large spaces (home or work). These products are filled with a unique Solid Oil technology that really lasts a long time. This curated bundle can be shipped one time, or on a schedule.  Whatever is most convenient for you!


3 - Flameless Uplift Candles

2 - TP Air Fresheners

2 - Fresh Blossoms

Scents (different with every shipment):

Apple Delight, Paradise, Sweet Vanilla, Slice of Sunshine, Fresh Blooms, Strawberry Kiwi Twist, Rain Forest, and Fresh Linen.


BoQáy air fresheners are noticeably better than other classic style air freshening products. They are filled with the Solid Oil technology that lasts up to 60 days

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