New & Fresh Bundle


The New & Fresh Bundle includes the following:

Qty 1 - Glade® Warmer + Refill - Clean Linen

Eliminate odor and freshen the air with the classic scent of line-dried laundry, making your home uniquely inviting for all.

Qty 3 - BoQáy® TP Air Freshener - Spring Clean

The TP Air Freshener is the easiest way to maintain a fresh and odor free environment, in the smelliest room of the house. This piece of engineering beauty adds a burst of fresh fragrance to the room when the toilet paper spins, and continues working afterwards by absorbing unwanted odors.

Qty 3 - BoQáy® Scented Charm - New Ride

Keep your ride smelling fresh with a fragrance-filled adjustable Auto Pendant. Place the O-ring above your mirror and slide to adjust the length, or keep the pendant out of sight. This pendant was designed with your car in mind but it's also great for neutralizing odors and refreshing small spaces within your home.

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