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Sneaky Ways to Bring Summer Inside

Summer isn't just a season. It's a state of mind that most of us want to be in ALL the time. Here are a few sneaky ways you can bring at least the smell of summer in your home in any season.

1.) The BoQày Flameless candle is perfect for small spaces, like a closet or cupboard. Hide one like Beach Paradise in the back of your linen closet for a fresh summer burst every time you open the door. 

2.) Another smart way to get the summertime vibes inside is most unexpectedly... your toilet paper! The BoQày TP Air Freshener was designed to give a little burst of fragrance every time the roll spins. I think the Citrus Slice scent smells like a little slice of summer.

3.) Lastly, what better way to brighten up a space like your office or your living room than to bring in the smell of Beach Paradise in the form of the BoQày Scent Station.

All of these items are less than $2.00 a piece, so buy one of each and fill your home with the scent of summer! 

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Cassy Fofana - June 25, 2019

Just looking hope to fine something that will make my home smell great. I’ll let use know …..

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