Customer Appreciation Month and More

Customer Appreciation Month and More

We appreciate our customers every single day, but it's also nice that there is an entire month dedicated to them! Inside every box, envelope, and product that we send out, we hope you can feel the love and care that goes into our service. In honor of Customer Appreciation Month, we are kicking it up a couple of notches to show you even MORE of our love and appreciation.

First, we launched our brand new Subscription Boxes. The boxes come in three levels: Bronze, Gold, and Platinum, each one perfectly curated to fit different lifestyles and fragrance needs. When our first order came in after the launch, we made sure to send a little note to show how excited we were to welcome her to the Dollar Scent Club family (shout out to Marina!). 

But because we love our customers, we are not stopping there! For the entire month of July if you order over $10, not only will you get free shipping, you'll also receive a FREE GIFT of your choice. 

Happy Customer Appreciation Month Everyone! 

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