flowers with boqay scent disks

5 Ways To Use BoQày Scent Disks

The BoQày Scent Disk is one of the most popular products in the BoQày line not only for their beautiful fragrances but also for their unique design. Every BoQày product was created to be used in a variety of ways but the Scent Disk, in particular, is super versatile in how and where it can be used! Here are five ways you can use the BoQày Scent Disk:

1. Place and open disk under the seat of your car to have a discrete and yet delightful fragrance in your vehicle. 

2. Place an open disk inside your linen closet to get a burst of fragrance each time you open the door.

3. Place an open disk on the back of the toilet for long-lasting freshness.

4. Place an open scent disk in your basement to turn the musty smell to something floral and fresh.

5. Lastly, place an open disk in your sunroom to emulate the natural aromas found outside indoors. 


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